About Biggleswade Airport Taxis



Biggleswade Airport Taxis is part of Central Taxis Letchworth. We have a reputation for delivering a top-class, low-cost reliable taxi service to our customers. We arrive on time, help with luggage or shopping and always try to avoid parking charges. We all have 10 years + in the trade. We all live in and around Biggleswade. Put together we have over 100 years experience as taxi drivers covering Biggleswade, Potton and Sandy.



Covid-19 safe Biggleswade taxis service.



We believe we have the safest taxi service in the area when it comes to protecting our customers against Covid-19. We have installed an EU approved polycarbonate safety screen between the driver and passengers which prevents droplets moving between the the driver and passenger compartment. Our drivers wear masks as advised by the current government guidelines. Between journeys we disinfect the passenger compartment with 70% alcohol or similar sanitizing products - door handles, seat belts, seats and doors all get the treatment to provide a safe passenger compartment. At the end of each day we use our ozone generator to thoroughly sanitize the entire vehicle interior. Ozone is naturally occuring in the atmosphere and is known for its ability to kill pathogens, viruses and bacterias. It also leaves the car with a pleasant smell - like that after a thunderstorm! With all these measures you can be sure you are safe to travel by taxi with us.


Biggleswade Airport Taxi's record for arriving on time for early morning pick-ups is a 100%.


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Lovely service and very efficient. Cars are very clean and also takes debit cards in the car to pay for the service. I would recommend this service if your looking for efficiency and want to get somewhere on time :)


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